About Me

Life afforded me travel through a job at sea for over a decade. I would be lying to say that photography was always a budding dream. There were glimpses of curiosity at an
early age, where I stole a few shots with my dad’s analogue camera – nothing special, but again
memories of family, the sea and mountains in our home town Goa (India).
My travels to Alaska for several months may have been the starting point – I managed to buy
myself a Nikon 4500. The mere beauty of the unseen and the unknown- the vast ocean, inspired me to capture “moments” that I really wanted to share with others. There was a story there.
It would be fair to say that the last several years have been the real test of my passion – where I have dabbled in several genre. Close to my heart though is black and white, fine art
As a photographer, I am not as planned, it’s the spur of the moment inspiration that I thrive on and my pursuit of new experiences that pushes me to evolve my vision. A gentle reminder that carrying my camera for that perfect capture with humility, compassion and curiosity.